3 Months to Accomplish the Top Goals in Your Business
Hi, I'm Jacques, a 7-figure business coach and digital entrepreneur.

The Course Boot Camp is the most powerful and transformative experience that I've ever offered in my business. I have decided to make a significant commitment of time, effort, and energy into the success of a small, and very select, number of people.

We'll set goals together and work together very closely for 3 months to accomplish those goals together.
Watch this video for all the details...
What's Included...
Weekly 90-minute video call
By meeting every single week with a small group of highly-motivated entrepreneurs like you, we get to know each other at a deep level so we can better and serve and hold each other accountable.
Access to all of my Training
You will get access to all pre-recorded training and courses I've ever done. That includes The Online Course Accelerator, Next Level Courses (advanced training like evegreen funnels and relaunch magic), and you'll even get access to Piano In 21 Days (if that strikes your fancy!)
Access to me as a mentor
As a member of the Course Boot Camp you are one of my very highest priorities. With that I am an open book and at your disposal to coach you and help you reach your business goals. This includes access to me via Voxer.
Private group chat
Have a question or need encouragement right away? You are always connected to me and the group through our private slack channel for ongoing feedback, motivation, and idea sharing in between meetings.
Hear from some folks from previous a Course Boot Camp
Spencer Russell | ToddlersRead.com
Aiko Hemingway
At some point more knowledge isn't enough...
Are you stuck in your business? Are you hitting an income ceiling? Are you at a fork in the road and don't know where to go next? Some dedicated business coaching in boot camp environment may be exactly what you need.
Who is this a fit for?
The Course Boot Camp is for folks in various locations on their journey. It is not for complete beginners who don't even have an idea. But if you've been struggling to launch for the first time, this could be for you.
  • Course creators looking to get to the next level. Set goals for your existing course business and we will achieve them together.
  • You've started but haven't officially launched. If you're close to the finish line and just need guidance on getting there, the boot camp could be for you.
  • ​You're willing to invest $1,250 per month in yourself and your business.
Still question if this is a fit for you and your situation? Apply and we can discuss...
When are the meetings? Are they recorded?
We will begin the first week of April and our likely meeting time will be Wednesdays at 2PM Central time. We will record the sessions but please make it a priority to attend as many as you can.
What working with Jacques is like...
"I trust Jacques and he takes something that can be very complicated and he makes is very easy to understand and implement."
- Jonathan Mendonsa | ChooseFI.com
"I've followed everything Jacques has taught and my business has blown up. It's crazy to wake up and you've made $600 selling courses."
- Nate Dodson | MicrogreensFarmer.com
"If you're going to hire someone to help you with your online course, there is no better person than Jacques Hopkins."
- Annie Grossman | SchoolForTheDogs.com
"Since implementing what I learned from Jacques, I've been able to grow and sustain by 50% in my online course business."
- Steve Lungrin | PianoManSteve.com
"In a program like this you just get everything handed to you and you don't have to do near as much work."
- Adam Sayner | GroCycle.com
"Now the course is just there and it sits within our business (evergreen) so we don't need to launch anymore."
- Stephanie Taylor | Rent2RentSuccess.com
"I literally doubled the sales to my academy!"
- Steve P. Young | AppMasters.com
"It's not a magic bullet, but as soon as I implemented the stuff that Jacques teaches, I was profitable."
- Matt Santry | WellPaidMusician.com
"Jacques took a look at my business and helped me to address the areas where I had the biggest need."
- Kristi Dranginis | BirdMentor.com
"He gives you his exact scripts that he uses in his online course business."
- Andrew Seguin | FingerstyleGuitar.com
For support issues or questions, please email us at jacques@theonlinecourseguy.com
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